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How can I get to The Confluence?
The Confluence is location in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The best way to travel is to rent a taxi or drive down from Mumbai or Pune. The complete address is available below. 

Is there a fee for the programs?
Yes, there is a fee for the programs at The Confluence unless stated otherwise. You can visit 'Book a Program' page to view upcoming programs and fees (if any). The fees may vary depending on the specific program or workshop you choose to participate in.


What are the types of activities that will happen at The Confluence?
The Confluence offers a diverse range of activities to promote well-being, sustainability, and personal growth. Some of the activities you can expect to find include:
•    Yoga and meditation sessions led by experienced instructors.
•    Workshops on sustainable living, permaculture, or eco-friendly practices.
•    Nature walks and hikes to explore the surrounding natural beauty.
•    Wellness classes such as Ayurveda, holistic healing, or mindfulness.
•    Creative workshops like art, music, or dance.
•    Community engagement activities focused on local initiatives.
More details available at 'Towards Sustainability'.  Please note that the specific activities may vary depending on the program or workshop you choose to participate in.


Are all training programs or workshops residential?
Most training programs and workshops at The Confluence are residential. The retreat is designed to provide participants with an immersive and holistic experience, allowing them to fully engage in the activities and benefit from the serene environment. We also have 1-day tours in which participants will arrive during the day and will depart the same evening. 


Does The Confluence have accommodations?
Yes, The Confluence provides accommodation for participants. They offer a variety of lodging options, including rooms, cottages, or eco-friendly huts. The accommodations are designed to provide comfort while harmonizing with the surrounding natural environment. Details are available in 'Campus Facilities'. The rooms are twin sharing. If you are coming alone, you can request to book the whole room or share with another participant. The fee in both cases will vary. 

How are the accommodations allotted?

The Confluence has spacious and comfortable rooms with Twin beds. If you are traveling with someone, please make sure to add their name to the booking form. This will ensure that you are allotted a room with them. If you are traveling alone, you will be alloted a rooom along with another individual visitor. If you have any special requests, do add them to the message box of the booking form and The Confluence will try their best to accommodate the same.

Are meals available and included?
Yes, meals are available at The Confluence, and they are typically included in the program fees. The retreat emphasizes healthy and nourishing food options, often incorporating organic and locally sourced ingredients. Special dietary requirements and preferences can be communicated to the staff in advance to accommodate individual needs. Meat, non-vegetarian food is not available and not allowed on the premises. Also, outside food is not permissible on the premises. 


How can I get more involved with The Confluence and its initiatives?
If you wish to get more involved with The Confluence and its initiatives, there are a few ways you can do so:

  • Participate in our programs and workshops to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga and sustainability.

  • Stay connected with The Confluence through our website or social media platforms to stay updated on our events and initiatives.

  • Volunteer your time and skills to support our projects and activities. You can inquire about volunteering opportunities directly with our administration.

  • Collaborate with The Confluence by sharing your ideas, expertise, or resources to contribute to our mission of promoting yoga and sustainability.

Is parking available at The Confluence?
Yes, The Confluence provides parking facilities for those arriving by private vehicles. You will be able to park your vehicle conveniently on-site during your stay at the retreat.

Alcohol and Smoking Policy

We do not allow alcohol drinking or smoking at the campus of The Confluence. We request you to adhere to this policy so that it can provide you and other fellow participants with the opportunity of being fully immersed with the philosophy of The Confluence 

Are there any guidelines and instructions to follow after we arrive:

As we look forward to welcoming you at The Confluence, we request you to be mindful of the rules and guidelines of the campus to ensure a pleasant stay for you and all the guests.

Check-in Process:

  • Upon arrival, please proceed to the reception area.

  • Provide your booking details and any required identification.

  • Our staff will assist you with the check-in process and provide you with relevant information.


  • You will be assigned a room, cottage, or eco-friendly hut based on your booking.

  • Please respect the retreat's tranquil environment and maintain cleanliness in your accommodations.

  • If you have any concerns or issues with your accommodation, kindly inform the reception desk for assistance.

Program Participation:

  • Review the schedule of activities provided upon check-in.

  • Attend the programs, workshops, and classes you have registered for at the designated venues and timings.

  • Be punctual and respect the instructors and fellow participants by arriving on time.

  • Please inform the retreat staff in case of any changes or cancellations to your program participation.

Meals and Dietary Requirements:

  • Vegetarian meals are provided as part of your retreat package.

  • The retreat emphasizes healthy and sustainable dining options.

  • If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform us in advance, so we can accommodate your needs.

Retreat Guidelines:

  • Respect the retreat's peaceful atmosphere and maintain a quiet and serene environment.

  • Follow the designated areas for specific activities and refrain from entering restricted areas.

  • Use water and electricity mindfully, as we promote conservation practices.

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited within the retreat premises.

Nature and Sustainability:

  • Help us maintain the natural beauty of the retreat by not littering and disposing of waste properly.

  • Participate in eco-friendly practices promoted by the retreat, such as recycling and composting.

  • Respect the flora and fauna by refraining from damaging or disturbing the natural surroundings.

Guest Services:

  • Our staff is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or requests during your stay.

  • Feel free to approach the reception desk for assistance, information, or local recommendations.

Check-out Process:

  • On the day of departure, kindly vacate your accommodation by the designated check-out time.

  • Return any provided keys or access cards to the reception desk.

  • Settlement of any outstanding bills or additional charges can be done during check-out


We hope you have a wonderful and rejuvenating experience at The Confluence Yoga and Sustainability Retreat. Should you need any further assistance or have additional questions during your stay, our dedicated staff is here to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Enjoy your retreat and embrace the harmony of yoga and sustainability!

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