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Proactive Health Program (PHP)

20th July to 21st July 2024

  • Starts Jul 20
  • 4500 plus taxes
  • Maharashtra, India

Available spots

Program Details

Where Prevention Meets Wellness Duration: 2 Day Residential Program. Check-in on day one by 10AM and check-out on day two by 5 PM. Introduction Modern life is a paradox; there is an availability of immense means for easing our lives, coupled with immense pressures and demands placed on us, challenging our wellbeing. Conventionally, people think of health only when faced with a disease. But why fall sick in the first place? Why not proactively work towards strengthening oneself which will keep diseases at bay? PHP is a highly effective tool helping individuals to take control of their health Holistically and Proactively! Who can attend this program? This program is for everyone - whether you're a working professional, a homemaker, retired, or a student. It equips you with vital life skills to understand and manage your health effectively. Benefits/Take Aways from the Program Usual health management programs focus only on knowledge sharing and focus little on providing tools for habit-changing and for forming new habits for holistic health. PHP benefits both: the individuals as well as the organization. Program Contents: Introduction and Program Overview. Understanding Health and Proactive Health Definition. Evaluating and Managing Health Conditions, Exercise, and Mobility. Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep Essentials. Accommodation - Embrace the serenity of our cozy non-AC rooms. - Indulge in a culinary adventure with all meals included. - Drift into peaceful slumber on our comfortable twin beds. - Pamper yourself with complimentary towels and toiletries. - Savor the warmth of tea, coffee, and refreshing drinking water, provided with a kettle. - Ease your worries with convenient on-site parking facilities. Program Mentor and Guide Dr. Muralidhara C P, founder of Jeevin, is a seasoned expert with 25+ years in Ayurveda, Yoga, Proactive Health, and Senior Living. He led divisions at Dignity Lifestyle and Ashiana Housing Ltd, is certified in NLP, TA, and Yoga Therapy, and has trained for Student Excellence, Stress Management, and Proactive Health at top corporations.

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