Photo Hop


Be a part of India’s first Landscape Only Photo Competition, lets celebrate Landscape Photography!


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1.   This contest is open for all Indian photographers
2.   Participants can submit the images starting from Feb 15th till Mar 25th, 2016.
3.   Images should be of Landscapes only. Images of Wildlife or macro are NOT allowed for this contest
4.   Each participant can submit a maximum of three images.
5.   There is no age bar for the participants and there is no separate category based on the criteria of age.
6.   It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they have read and will abide by the terms and conditions of the competition. By submitting an entry, each participant agrees to the terms and condition, that their entry complies with these rules.
7.   Stitched Panorama images are allowed for the competition
8.   Organizer of the contest will be allowed to use the winning images in promotion of the contest and the event in the 2017 edition of “The Confluence”. For any other use, the organizers will get in touch with the photographers before using the image.
9.   Members from organizing team, sponsors & partners are not allowed to participate in the contest
10.   The entry for the competition is completely FREE.
11.   Submissions must be made only via website

Technical Specification of the entries:

1. All submitted images must be in JPEG format, RGB mode, with a maximum size of 1920 pixels (on the long edge) and max of 2MB file size.
2. Photographs with borders, frames, watermarks or signatures will not be accepted and disqualified from judging process.
3. Post processing of the images is allowed but it should not deviate the original image too much from the reality. Ex: Adding or removing any elements in the frame etc are strictly not allowed.
4. Composite images are allowed if done for focus stacking or exposure stacking. Other than these two categories no other composite images are allowed.
5. Shortlisted entries will have to provide the organizers with the original RAW file or original JPG file for verification. Failing to provide so would result in disqualification from the final round.

The winner would be considered based on Technical and Artistic merits and value of the image.

Winners and Prizes:

FIVE images will be selected as winners from all the submissions and there will be no order of merit among the five winners.

“FREE 3 month Adobe CC subscription” to the select 5 along with other Gift hampers from WolfPack Outdoors.

PS: There is no cash prize for this contest.

If you require any clarification please do write to us at

>> Submission for Photo-Hop Contest is now Closed. Results will be announced on 2nd April 2016 during The Confluence festival <<