Confluence 2016



Prasanjeet Yadav
Prasenjeet Yadav

Landscapes : Beyond their beauty – Keynote – Prasanjeet Yadav (National Geographic Explorer)

Prasenjeet Yadav is an ecologist turned wildlife-photographer. Early in his scientific career, he realised that his true passion lay in story telling. He now combines his research experience with his photography skills to tell stories about science, exploration and conservation. In 2014 he was awarded a Explorer Grant and title from National Geographic Society to produce a story on evolution and speciation in the shola forests of Southern Western Ghats, India. He is currently editing a assignment for National Geographic Your Shot on “Urban Wildlife”.

Dinesh H Maneer
Dinesh H Maneer

Portraits of Mother (an introduction) – Dinesh Hegde Maneer

Dinesh is photographer from Bengaluru, India. His photographs are mainly focused on landscapes, portraits  and culture of his home state Karnataka. By profession he is a  mechanical engineer but  spends his most of the free time traveling through all over  Karnataka documenting unknown fading cultures and unseen landscapes. His photos and articles  have appeared  in various group exhibitions,  print magazines like National Geographic, online magazines and leading national and local newspapers.​

Goutham Tulasi
Goutham Tulasi

Landscapes – Life in the Mountains – Goutham Tulasi

Goutham is a Commerce graduate from Bangalore who after his studies spent earlier part of his professional career working with likes of HSBC Bank and Target. For the most part, mountains have played their roles to influence him to become an outdoorsman and move away from corporate life. He currently works as a Store Manager for Wolfpack Outdoors – an apparel brand inspiring Wildlife, Conservation and Outdoors. He also organises weekend treks with Exotic Expeditions. With his experiences in Western Ghats and the mighty Himalayas, he craves to get back to Wilderness to learn what time spent there teaches him and share more stories.


Drones: Adding new dimension to landscape photography – Prakash Matada & Kartik Reddy

Prakash Matada started his career as a Business Analyst. To pursue his passion for wildlife and creativity, he founded IoraPro, Media Video Productions in 2014. His fascination for technology inspired him to experiment with drone technology for filming since its nascent stage. His aerial works have been featured in BBC and Nat Geo and have helped various wildlife conservation outfits, NGOs / governmental agencies in their fight to conserve the environment.

Kartik Reddy an investment banker needed a new challenge in his life. So he quit his job and took a trip around the world scuba diving in different locations where he discovered his passion to document his adventures using underwater cameras. This hooked him to action cameras which led to him discovering drones. Since two years he has been building and flying drones of all shapes and sizes.

Vivek Kale
Vivek Kale

Geological Landscapes of Maharashtra – Vivek Kale

Vivek is a visionary with a true passion for nature and a special bond with Sahyadri. His passion towards the science and arts, with correct level of visualization, has grown higher and higher with his wanderings in the Western Ghats, from hills to valleys and from forests to grasslands. He expresses his ideas through his visual journal, “Me Sahyadri” (Marathi for “I am Sahyadri”), using two mediums, a monthly photo- magazine and audio-visual films. His bold work speaks for itself.

Praveen P Mohandas
Praveen P Mohandas

Wild Landscapes – Praveen P Mohandas

Praveen is an accomplished nature photographer, who has traveled and photographed across the spans of India, photographing its rich flora and fauna. He is a practicing architect from Thrissur, the founder partner of Transform Architects. He has spent considerable time in the wild and have bagged multiple accolades like Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy award for photography in 2007, received special mention in RBS-sanctuary wildlife photography awards four times consecutively from 2007. He has been finalist in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in 2009 and 2010. His images have appeared in numerous national dailies and magazines of repute.

Pratap J Rao
Pratap J Rao

Fine Art of finding photographic expression on paper – Pratap J Rao

Pratap J has been shooting and processing digital for nearly 8 years. He is interested in teh entire digital workflow from clicking to processing to printing. He has over 6 years of experience working on popular image editing tools. His obsession with liberating his photographs from the confines of hsi computer has led him to invest in an inkjet printer and self-learn the art of archival printing. His photography skills are put to test here, because prints are less forgiving than computer displays. He enjoys landscapes, nature and architectural photography.

Abhishek Mukherjee
Abhishek Mukherjee

The Digital Dark Room, Post Processing in Landscape Photography – Abhishek Mukherjee

Abhishek Mukherjee is Senior Creative Evangelist for Adobe Systems based out of New Delhi who loves showcasing power of Art & Science using the Adobe Creative tools. A Strategic, multidisciplinary designer & Photoshop retoucher/artist with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. Abhishek conducts various webinars & symposiums on a broad range of subjects for Photography/PostProcessing for magazines and groups. He continues to ensure his followers are aware of the potential power of post processing and retouching. Abhishek started off with doing just basic graphic designing but with time he gradually conquered the art of graphic design, photography and commercial retouching and has worked with various national and international clients on freelance assignments. In his free time he loves mixing Music as DJ, plays PS4 and loves spending time with his dogs. “I feel I am married to Photoshop and I can never think of divorcing her


2nd April, 2016 – Saturday – 14:00 to 19:00 hrs

Sathish Dhawan Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Start Time Duration (mins) Topic Presenter
02:00 10 Intro Sapna
02:10 20 Landscapes – Life in the Mountains Goutham Tulasi
02:30 5 PhotoHop Winner 1 Sapna
02:35 20 Geological Landscapes of Maharashtra Vivek Kale
02:55 5 PhotoHop Winner 2 Sapna
03:00 20 Wild Landscapes Praveen P Mohandas
03:20 5 PhotoHop Winner 3 Sapna
03:25 20 Portraits of Mother Dinesh H Maneer
03:45 5 PhotoHop Winner 4 Sapna
03:50 20 Fine Art of finding photographic expression on paper Pratap J Rao
04:10 5 PhotoHop Winner 5 Sapna
04:15 15 Tea Break
04:30 20 Drones: Adding new dimension to landscape photography Prakash Matada / Kartik Reddy
04:55 30 The Digital Dark Room, Post Processing in Landscape Photography Abhishek Mukherjee
05:30 30 Landscapes : Beyond their beauty Prasanjeet Yadav
06:00 15 PhotoHop Contest – Prize Distribution
06:15 30 FiLa + Q&A + Vote of Thanks Team LW
06:50 5 Surprise Annoucement ! !